Don’t fall off the Roof

If you have ever watch and amamature try to fix his own roof it is quite a sight to see. I watched a Southpark episode and Homer of course was fixing his own roof and noticed he could see right into his neighbor’s bedroom. He was all good roof_installations with it until he let go of his rope to scratch or something and Flanders wife was naked and al and Homer fell off the roof and broke is back in ten places and had to stay in the hospital for like a month or six. So you should do your best to not be a dork and when your roof comes off or needs help you can just call roofing wichita ks and get a low price on fixing that old tattered dingy roof that is going to kill someone some time. Now you know to just relax and watch some South Park and call the professionals roofing contractors wichita ks and have them handle all the heavy lifting. This way you won’t have to do anything but sit around and drink duff beer, scratch your sack and yell ad Marge to go get you some money because the next storm is going to cost you a lot unless they finish the roof in time. If they do, then you are set and you can just take a nap and not have a worry in the world.

I prefer to have a good roofing company come to my house during the summer months and give me a detailed estimate so i know what kind of maintenance should be done and what kind of money i might need to spend this year to keep my house in perfect condition and make sure my family is very safe this entire year. I will sleep well tonight the best roofing companies wichita ks has looked at my building and made sure that no storm no matter how big can ever blow this roof off. i will always have good place to sit and watch the Simpsons on tv. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Homer’s Organ

1601271_10201559168968240_205914339_nI am not sure they ever released this episode when Homer was crushed by his organ. He and his buddies where try to do the job of a professional and they came up way short. They had to find a professional to finish the job or Homer would lose his organ. You can read about the show some time or you can call piano movers dallas and have them give you a free estimate on moving your piano or your giant organ. This is the professional crew that jumped in and fixed Homers organ. They had all the latest technology to get the move done much easier. It also doesn’t hurt if they are all complete muscle men who can just pick these baby grand pianos up by themselves if they really need to. You can go wotht the cartoon version of a good company of you can stick with the pros and let the job get done right the first time you pay someone to do it. Knowing your piano will be moved to its new location with zero problems is a huge benefit in life. Just knowing there is a great company like dallas piano moving company make you rest easier at night.

So take the time to call a real moving company to handle the big dog moves. And turn off the Simpsons for a moment and see if you would prefer to have that old piano in a different room or even in a different home. it is not expensive and can be handled in a very short amount of time. Even if you have a long terms storage need for a rare piece of family history that you can not see yourself selling. You can call and get a quote on storage and maybe even refurbishing your baby grand piano.

Keep checking back for hidden episodes where Homer rules it again as usual. and don’t miss the one where Bart actually wins a million dollars in the lottery and all he wants to do is call dallas piano movers to come instal his electric keyboard.

Wichita Carpet Cleaning

65495_10203022996643017_290704125354182432_nIf you need your carpets cleaned after a long winter of rub and grub dirt and grime you can call carpet cleaning wichita ks and have them come to your house or business and give you a free quote. heck if you are really into clean house you can call them to come give your mom , sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandma and neighbor a free quote on not only cleaning their carpet but a maintenance program to keep your carpets and rugs as clean as they can possibly be. So click on the link above and get the number of the best carpet cleaning company in wichita ks. Don’t try a diy carpet cleaning yourself. Make the call to the best and most professional company in the world. They just happen to be a local company that is never far away in the state of kansas. the award winning and most recognized rug cleaner in the area. they not only clean wit perfect, they clean for a lifetime and can keep your carpet clean for years no matter how much snow and rain you get every year.

So while you sit at home today and watch the Masters on tv play golf with not a worry in the world. Just remember they need a good home carpet cleaning service also. Their house must be a mess with the golf shoes coming and going. their maids must crawl around on their hands and knees most of the time cleaning all the mud up behind the homeowner and his golfing friends. I can’t think of  a more awful job unless you don’t have a job at all and can not stay on a luxurious estate cleaning up after the rich and famous.

So do your grandma a favor and have her carpets cleaned just in case yo have to move back in with her and want to bring all your drunk golf buddies home after a long 9 holes with a kart. And never forget who got you there and who paid for all those golf lessons. thats right it was your stepfather who had more money than your real dad so your mom switched up and moved you in with him.